Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thermal Expansion of the Earth's Crust Necessitates Geo-engineering

THERMAL EXPANSION of the Earth's crust due to global warming risks disturbing Arctic methane hydrates, and the process has already started, necessitating geo-engineering, argues Sam Carana, editor of the Geo-engineering Blog.

In a search for the smoking gun, locations of Arctic temperature anomalies were used to pinpoint methane emission points, which were subsequently matched with seismological data.  

Extrapolation of the data points at Total Extinction Zones during which all organic life on Earth risks going extinct, due to accelerating release of methane from Arctic hydrates destabilized by Gakkel Ridge earthquake activity.

This danger necessitates geo-engineering, argues Sam Carana, insisting that temperatures of the water deep down in the Arctic Ocean need to be brought down rapidly, while carbon dioxide levels need to be brought back to 280ppm in the course of this century, as part of a comprehensive plan of action that will lead us Towards a Sustainable Economy

Editor's note: An extended version of this post is at the Arctic-news blog